Leasing a Copier in Chicago

Don't Get Exposed Leasing a Copier!

Chicago Copier Leases

It’s that time again!  Time for the dreaded copier lease to be negotiated.  No one likes this process, but we’ll help you with some tips and tricks to avoid some of the common copier leasing mistakes we have seen here in Chicago!

Some of the most common copier leasing mistakes we see are as follows:

  • A company re-ups their contract a year before the current lease agreement expires.  This is generally nuts as it leaves you paying for a copier that you aren’t using for a year!  The normal copier rep will talk about cheaper monthly payments, but be assured you are paying for 2 copiers and only using 1 that year.
  • Signing up for a lease under $3,000.  The interest rates on these are brutal.
  • Not realizing that they are responsible for the freight charges and the boxing up of the old copier
  • Leasing a copier far bigger than what they need because it is the same dollar amount per month rather than just enjoying some savings.

If you are looking for a fair copier lease in Chicago, you should give us a call today.  Our professional sales associates will help you get the perfect copier lease for your Chicago office!