How to Get Ripped Off on Your Copier Purchase in Chicago!

Don't Get Frustrated on Your Next Copier!

Don't Get Frustrated on Your Next Copier!

It is almost the new year, and there is nothing more that people want to do than get ripped off on a major ticket item,  like a copier in Chicago.  If this describes your situation, we can help you make sure that you get completely hosed in your copier purchase in Chicago!  Just follow these simple instructions and we’ll guarantee you’ll pay too much for your copier in Chicago!  You may need to call a traditional copier company for this great deal, as we don’t sell using these methods, but for those people looking to get ripped off, we still want to help.

  • Step 1 — Trust them.  Don’t ask questions.  Questions generally erode margin and are a terrible idea for those companies who want to get ripped off on their copier in Chicago.
  • Step 2 — Don’t know what you need or what you use.  If you are not sure you need stapling, faxing, or color…  you’ll get it. After all, the rep would hate to see you need it someday and then you don’t have it!
  • Step 3 — Don’t pay attention to the max paper size you use.  If you are using letter/legal paper, it only stands to reason to buy a tabloid copier in Chicago (11 X 17) if you want to get ripped off.
  • Sign up for really long leases and then trade in after 2 or 3 years.
  • Don’t get more than one quote (and tell them you aren’t!)

If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to getting completely hosed.  If you want a good deal or practical soloutions for real world business, you may want to give us a call!