How We Saved a Church $8,000 on their Copier in Chicago!

Lexmark X654de

Lexmark X654de

We realize a simple truth, a lot of companies are struggling financially, but even more non-profits are feeling the pinch of the economic climate.  Copier companies in Chicago are trying to make their sales quotas more often than they are trying to help customers save money.  Because of this, there are many people overpaying for some simple technology and they are overspending on their copier in Chicago.

Let’s ask a question, how does this sound?

A copier that prints, copies, scans, faxes and scans to E mail for under $2,500 AND can go up to 55 pages a minute!  Now we don’t get excited about a lot of products, but this is a product we really believe in.  If you need a copier in Chicago and don’t need tabloid, you should really look at this powerful device!!  The Lexmark X654de multifunction!

The church we were talking to were getting ready to spend $10,000 on their new copier, and we were able to get them an equally efficient copier saving them $8,000 (when shipping costs are included)!

We are a Chicago Copier Company here for your success.  Give us a call if you have any questions about copiers in Chicago!