Used Copiers in Chicago, Good or Bad?

Used Copiers in Chicago

Used Copiers in Chicago

We hear this everyday, “we need to save money on our copier in Chicago” … well, maybe they don’t say “in Chicago”…  but you get the basic idea.  The economy is hard and the one thing that does not seem to get a stimulus package is our small businesses.  We have payrolls to meet, buildings to pay for, techs to feed, and inventory to house.  In other words, we’re just like you.  We have a lot of obligations and if the profit line goes down, we have to get more creative.  This is to let you know the best solution is not always to go used with your copier purchase in Chicago, but to get smarter.

If you are like most Chicago companies, you will see that you have several copiers spread throughout your office along with a myriad of printers.  Stop buying equipment!  Ypou probably already have too much.  What you may need to do is to reallocate some equipment to other parts of the building rather than buying new equipment.  Or, you may want to consider some of the fast A4 copiers under $3,000 instead of a typical $9,000 copier for your Chicago business.

You don’t specialize in copiers in Chicago, we do.  So, maybe the very best thing you can do is give us a call for a free print and network assessment to see what we can do to help streamline your business and keep your copier costs in Chicago as low as possible!