Why Our Copiers in Chicago Work for You!

Stop Feeling Like This!!

Stop Feeling Like This!!

What do we do different?  One of the main things we do is that we analyze your actual use and your actual copier needs.  We work hard no to sell you an $8,000 copier which a $2,000 copier should be able to do. We are also a networking company in Chicago.  So, our goal is to help the computer work you do make sense with the copiers and the multi-functions we’d sell.

A copier in Chicago should always be sold after these 5 componets of the copier you purchase in Chicago:

  • What size of paper do you use?
  • What volume of pages do you use?
  • How do you want to pay?
  • What special applications need to work?
  • Do you need color or black and white?

As you answer these questions, our copier specialists will be able to help you find an appropriate copier in Chigago for your specific needs!