How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Chicago Copier – Pennies at a Time

Save Money on Your Copier in Chicago Pennies at a Time!

Save Money on Your Copier in Chicago Pennies at a Time!

It is easy to look at the big ticket item in Chicago and see how much that costs and negotiate for the best price.  A home, a car, even the process of getting a new job.  Often we are so enamoured with the big number we forget the devil is in the details.  The gas mileage, the R value on a home’s insulation, or the benefits like health insurance in a job.  Most people have the same issue with their copier in Chicago.  Here are some basic tips which will help you save thousands of dollars on the copier you purchase in Chicago!

  • Default all of your employees drivers to black and white.  People are creatures of habit and simplicity.  If you make it easy and normal to print the cheaper way, people will be more inclined to follow the procedures.  Make it a hassle and they will be less likely to print on their color copier in Chicago.
  • Default your driver to print duplex.  Or have 2 drivers, one duplex and one simplex.  If you can save half your paper costs, this could be a great amount of money.  For example if your copier in Chicago went from 12,000 pages a month to 8,000 pages (not everything will be duplex…) this would save you about $1,450 over the life of a typical lease!  It pays to be green.

Give us a call if you need a copier in Chicago and want to work with a company that works hard to not nickel and dime you to death on your Chicago copier purchase.