Used Copiers in Chicago…

Buying a Used Copier in Chicago Can Be a Risk!

We have many customers who are getting more and more concerned with the bottom line more than they are interested in quality.  This is a bad trend.  Used copiers have a good place for some companies, but for others, they are a nightmare!  It is all about how you go about your used copier purchase in Chicago.

If you are going to buy a used copier in Chicago, here are 3 crucial things for you to know:

  1. Used copiers are sometimes shipped in from out of state as leasing companies will sell these fairly cheap to wholesalers who in turn sell them to copier dealers in Chicago.  This is all good and fine if you get a cost per print contract which includes maintenance, but if you do not get a maintenance plan, ask if the copier came from out of state.
  2. Used Copiers in for sale in Chicago are often at or near the end of their product life cycle. Make sure any used copier you purchase in Chicago can be maintained for as long as you are hoping to run it.  Make sure the dealer you are buying it from will guarantee this duration.
  3. Used copiers in Chicago often have high page counts and often have how page counts.  Think of this like you do mileage in a car.  If you have two “fairly equal” quotes in terms of price and service and product, make sure you always try and get the used copier with the lower page count.

If you need a used copier in Chicago, please give us a call as we do carry an inventory of both new copiers and used copiers in Chicago!