Getting Your Color Copier in Chicago Networked… Part One

Does Your Copier Company Help With Your Computer Network?

When connecting a copier, you are going to need some basic pieces of information for your copier company in Chicago if you want things to go smoothly.  If you work with us, chances are that we already take care of your network as that is the core competency of our company.  We have many managed services plans and we deal with the printers and copiers because we know most of our companies prefer not to have the headache of dealing with tons of different companies when it comes to the IT side of the house.

We are able to quickly connect your copier in Chicago because we already asked for your IP address, your gateway and your subnet…  we have someone involved from your company who can log in to the mail server so we can get the scan to E mail working properly.  We have this person also setting up the scan to network feature.  The nice part about working with our company is that you won’t get the normal back and forth finger pointing after the copier is set up.  Since you already call for your networking issues, calling about a non-functioning network copier in Chicago is easy for you to do!