Chicago Copier Buying – Not a Day at the Fair!

Are You Tired of Going in Circles With Your Copier?

We see people who are frustrated with the copier buying process in Chicago all the time.  It is sort of interesting to see the differences between a frustrated buyer and someone who is not frustrated.  A frustrated copier buyer in Chicago will generally want to E mail a list, tell us to quote and then get kind of irratated if we bother to ask any questions or clarify any specifications. 

Q:  Do you need 11 X 17 paper?

A:  All the specs we want are in the document I just sent, if you can’t read, we’ll just work with someone else.

Hmmmm…  makes it a little difficult to actually help at this point.  We know if we have ways to save the potential customer money, they will want to work with another company because we’re too dumb to read. 

If you know exactly what you want and already know who you’re going to purchase from, it does make sense to act this way.  If you are not sure, give the company you’re calling 5 minutes to ask the questions they need to ask, you may find it helps you have a better copier buying experience in Chicago.