It’s Nice to Be Comfortable with Your Copier Company in Chicago, but there are Risks…

Are You Comfortable With Your Chicago Copier Company?

You have had the same copier rep in Chicago for what seems like the last 109 years and it has always seemed to work out pretty well for you.  You have issues and they come fix the copier.  This is great, because there are many people out there who are super frustrated with their copier company in Chicago.  So, count your blessings for this.  There are a few things to be careful about though.

  1. Inertia – An issue that often comes up is that you have one type of copier and the rep then replaces that copier with a similar copier INSTEAD of going through the qualification process again.  It would be like always buying a minivan because you had one when you first had children.  There is a point where it makes sense and one where it does not.  Copier functions are the same.
  2. Pricing – When a rep feels super comfortable with an account, they rarely give them their very best deal.  Having a competitive element is necessary to keep your current vendor honest.
  3. Brand myopia – A copier company will generally only sell one or two brands of copiers and if you are married to your current vendor you may be missing out on some awesome technology provided by other brands in the market.

If you need a copier in Chicago, please give us a call so we can help you out!