Don’t Overcomplicate Your Copier Buying in Chicago!

Keep Your Chicago Copier Buying Simple!

Have you been tearing out your hair trying to understand the crazy world of copiers in Chicago or Chicago Copier Sales?  This is pretty standard as most people make the simple mistake of trying to understand everything rather than trying to understand the important things really well!  Take for instance what happens when people begin to learn about the dramatic impact color coverage can have on copier costs.

The first thing most people will do when they learn that toner is actually quite expensive, is to want to know how coverage is measured, see if they can scale back on their color copies a bit…  they will want to see if they should drop their logo.  An easier method is to have some sample prints measured and when they are, you can see if it more logical to get a “toner out” plan or a “cost per print” plan.  It is more important to know HOW to save money than it is to know HOW it all works.

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