Warm Up Time on Your Chicago Copier!

Is Your Copier Meeting Your Chicago Office's Needs?

When you are shopping for copiers in Chicago, it can be easy to forget to as about the warm up time of a copier. The warm up time is the delay between pressing copy after putting the document to be copied into the machine, and receiving the new printed copy. It can be fairly long for some models, so it is a good idea to check with the Chicago sales rep if you need to be able to make copies as quickly as possible.

It is usually the smaller copiers that have the shortest warm up times, so it may be better to opt for a smaller model if speed is important, or perhaps to buy two or more small copiers rather than one large one, if you need to be able to make many copies quickly in your Chicago office, with multiple users needing access to a copier.

By choosing the copiers in Chicago that have the shortest warm up times, you can increase copying efficiency and save time in your office by ensuring that no one has to stand around waiting for their copies to be produced any longer than is absolutely necessary.