Used Copiers in Chicago — Good Deal, IF…

Used Copiers in Chicago

Do you have a limited project which needs a copier for a shorter duration than the normal 3 to 5 year lease, or just a tighter budget and need to do more with less?  If this is the case for you, a used copier in Chicago might be worth looking into.  Before you go barrel out and buy a $3,000 copier, there are a few things you’ll want to check into.

  • Like when buying a used car, check with the person or company and make sure they can sell the used copier (that it’s not under any kind of lease…  this problem is normally only a question if buying from a private party…)
  • Make sure the used copier has a 30 day warranty on all the whole device.  This way when it gets installed at your location you can make sure everything works.
  • Realize cost is a function of age, print counts and condition.  Much like a used car.  If a copier is 2 years old with 40,000 prints less than a copier that is 5 years old, the fact it’s only 2 years old will generally make the copier cost more money.
  • Costs go down dramatically when you pass the typical 5 year lease window.  (similar to how cars values drop dramatically if they have been in a wreck.)  This is because the banks who lease these will purge them cheaply after the lease is over.  The money they sell the used copier for is just gravy to them
  • Call us for a used copier in Chicago!

If you have any questions about used copiers in Chicago, we’d be happy to help!