How Copiers Relate to the Rest of the Network…

Do You Pay Attention How the Copier You're Buying Interacts with Your Network?

If you are looking at buying a copier in Chicago, it is crucial to consider how this piece of equipment will affect everyone in the organization.  You have the purchasing concerns (are we getting the best deal on a copier in Chicago, how will payment happen, etc), you have daily user concerns (will this copier do what we need?), you finally have IT concerns…  (Is the copier secure, how will it connect to the network, how easy is scan to folder, will the device be consistently broken?)

When you are buying a copier in the Chicago area, you need to remember this piece of equipment affects everyone in the organization.  Just buying on the basis of price or a prior relationship is a bit short sighted.  You really need to make sure the copier does what you need it to do.  If you are stuck trying to compensate for a copiers weakness, you bought the wrong copier.

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