Copier Security and Why it Matters to Your Chicago Company!

Many Chicago Companies are Blissfully Ignorant of a Real Data Security Issue!

If you own a business in Chicago, you undoubtedly are somewhat concerned about data security.  Maybe you have firewalls on your network (we hope you do), and some strict procedures about access on various network drives.  Have you considered your office copier as a major data security threat?

Copiers have hard drives.  Hard drives store files.  So, what files would a copier hard drive store?  Basically anything that you have made copies of over the last, say, 5 years!  If this isn’t bad enough, most companies are unaware of the problems they may face if these copiers are sent back to the leasing companies without being addressed.

Basically, we just want you to know you need to consider data security as one key point in choosing your copier company in Chicago!