Color Copiers and Some Common Buying Mistakes

Have a Happy Color Copier Buying Experience!

If you have been looking to buy a color copier that will print lots of documents for your company, you are likely getting ready to make one of the common buying mistakes we see in the field.  We will outline what these mistakes are and why you should avoid them in as brief a description as possible (we hope you’ll just call us!)

  • Buying a color copier that is too small for lots of volume.  (This is like buying a Honda Civic for a family of 7)
  • Buying a color copier that is too big for minimal volume (This is like buying a school bus for a newly wed couple)
  • Not realizing some manufacturers charge 2 clicks for 11 X 17 and others only charge 1 click
  • Thinking a Lease is necessary for maintenance

If you are thinking any of these thoughts, you are ready to make a big mistake.  Of course, what is too big and too small is all a matter of reference.  For us, if you are printing less than 2,000 color a month, you shouldn’t spend more than $6000 (a lot of copiers in the $1,500 range to purchase could do the trick for you).  If you are doing more than 10,000 color a month, you’ll probably be best off with a copier that starts in the $14,000 range (long term prints will be cheaper.)