Leasing a Copier in Chicago

Don't Gamble with Your Copier Leases!

If Al Capone had picked a different business had it been available in Chicago he would have picked leasing copiers. While not illegal, the profits are absolute robbery when copier leases scam thousands of dollars unknowingly from businesses right here in Chicago. The only good thing about leases, and they are not all bad, is that you keep you working capital working for you and not sitting in the corner jamming and making noise.

However, that jamming and making noise is many times what is making you money, and having the copier on a service contract, supply contract means you don’t have to order supplies or fix it yourself. BUT you don’t have to be in a lease to order copier toner or copier service in Chicago! You can have toner show up when you’re low, and have a service guy you call when it’s 3pm on a Friday in Chicago and it has to get fixed! Reading the hard to read stuff at the bottom of the lease contract or hidden some sneaky place in the middle with a calculator in hand is your best defense against getting an Al Capone’s Chicago price.