Chicago Copier Leasing Can Be Tricky: Is The Free Upgrade Worth It?

Chicago Copier Leasing Can Have Unintended Consequences.

Leasing in the Windy City can be a great thing to do. You don’t have to worry about service, parts, and you only have to worry about it every 3-5 years. However, when leasing a Chicago copier it’s wise to be prudent in the crucial 6 months before your lease is up….because it can mean huge savings to do your homework! There’s a trick that lots of Chicago copier companies use to roll you into a new lease. It’s usually in the form of a free upgrade, free supplies, “free” something. But here’s the catch: They aren’t giving you anything free if you’re already in the lease! If you’re starting a new lease with a new Chicago copier company then there is a good chance you’re getting something for a better deal because they have to be competitive. But they want to offer you that “free” thing down the road because that’s where they’ll make a lot more money. Here’s why:

  • Manufacturers offer discounts on equipment regularly up to thousands of dollars
  • Leasing companies will “forgive” some payments if the Chicago copier rep signs you again
  • The rep will roll the remaining price of the copier after the discounts into your next lease

And this leaves you still with the bigger bill! They offered you something “free” then used the discounts to pay for it–not budging a bit on their profit margin! It’s a smoking deal for them, and that’s why they all want your business. Chicago copier reps will many times feel out what they can take you for, and then take you! So beware of this technique so often used in the Chicago copier industry!