Finding A Copier Chicago Can Understand The Lease Ladders On Is Easy

It's Time To Ask The Right Questions On Leasing The Copier Chicago Has For You

Can you believe that some people will pay 20% more because they don’t ask one important question about their Chicago copier lease? As you may have guessed by the title this has to do with lease rate ladders. You could picture it more like a flat topped pyramid actually. Every time you go up a little more (spend a little more) you save more and get more. That makes sense to most people considering a lease on a copier Chicago reps present. There has to be profit margin somewhere, and no Chicago copier company wants to waste time with small companies to just makes less, so they have Chicago copier lease ladders to reward bigger spenders. But they usually just tell you that you qualify or don’t qualify. That’s where the 20% question can come in:

  • Ask WHERE the next step of the ladder is and if you’re close
  • Then find a way to buy your way into that next category if you’re close
  • Calculate how much you save over the life of the contract

It’s very easy, and spending just enough to get into the next step up can mean the difference between small business buying power and corporate buying power! So don’t fall into the trap of spending more for less, spend more for MORE on your Chicago copier lease. With just a little insight and foresight you can save bundles and work the system to your advantage–remember–if you don’t ask they most likely won’t tell you because they make more if you spend less in circumstances like these!