A Tabloid Copier Chicago Has For You: Choosing Between A3 And A4 Copiers

Which way to choose with a tabloid copier Chicago reps offer you

Don’t let your money blow away in the Windy City! The industry with Chicago copiers is constantly filled with ever harder loopholes and secrets to uncover, and tabloid printing may be one of those areas of wild profit for copier reps while slowly and steady draining your organization’s hard earned capital.

Did you know that tabloid copiers are not only more expensive but they are also slower in general? If you’re not printing in excess of 10,000 prints a month you may be letting toner costs bury you and have 1000’s more dollars sitting there needlessly? Now, if a tabloid A3 copier is really what you need in a Chicago copier, then don’t let us dissuade you! But for all those purchasers in a hurry that just wanted to buy a “real copier” whether or not they needed tabloid, I am sorry to say but that may have been the most expensive avoidable cost for your company this year.

The truth is, an A4 copier Chicago doesn’t believe looks like a “real one” that just prints legal and letter is more compact, prints faster in most cases, and does everything that the “real” looking copier does while costing thousands less. Chicago printing varies, so we don’t want to make any gross assumptions about your service to Chicago, but start with valid and verifiable information before purchasing goes nuts buying “real” copiers from random Chicago copier reps! Call our professionals today!