Copier Costs

Chicago: Copier Costs

Similar to other major purchases, copiers can come with hidden costs. It is highly recommended that you examine the most critical areas of cost in order to accurately determine and interpret the cost analysis of any given copier model. By examining individual costs, and extending this analysis to your operations, it is possible to determine the total operating costs of the model.

Some of the most common costs, both concealed and apparent, include:

• Labor and Equipment: Installation and costs associated with replacement parts.
• Accessory and Consumable: Added parts – RAM, networking equipment, cards, ink, paper, etc.
• Color Copy v. Printer Costs: Pay-per-click and associated costs for color copies and laser printer volume costs per month.

With professional assistance, it is easier to wade through the myriad of factors that cumulatively result in the total operating cost of the specific machine. When you use the services of a skilled and knowledgeable technician, you can get the big-picture perspective before making your final decision.

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