Color Copiers for Sale in Chicago

Chicago: Color Copiers

If your Chicago business decides that purchasing a color copier is viable, you might soon realize that the real cost of the unit might be obscured by the ticket price. When we give advice concerning the benefits of a given copier model, we include the full cost of owning the unit over time.

This analysis is comprised of:

• Set-up, installation and miscellaneous parts
• Repair and maintenance service plans
• Initial cost as well as per-page pricing options

Even when a business has a good understanding of what the copier will be used for, there might still be a question of which one will give the best value for the price. Our analysis of the different Xerox Phaser models will give you a good idea of the benefits and potential drawback of each model. For example, the choice you make might be different if you plan to use Server 2008 or later.

If you need assistance, contact us for a responsive and comprehensive analysis of a variety of copiers, including the Phaser series. We work hard to help you understand the subtle effects that the color copier can have on your business’s primary functions. Color copiers are often used for mailers, scanning, faxing and more.

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