Leasing a Copier in Chicago

Leasing a copier for your Chicago area small business can be a cost-effective option. Purchasing a copy machine requires a large initial outlay of cash. The cost of mid-range copiers can exceed $5,000. High-performance models can command almost $40,000. In addition to this upfront cost, there is the expense of maintaining a machine. This includes regular service calls as well as the cost of replacing consumables, such as paper and toner. The terms of a copier lease may enable you to upgrade to a higher quality machine or terminate the agreement as your business requirements change. Most leasing agreements include a maintenance provision, which covers routine service.

The cost of the copier lease is normally calculated on a cost per copy basis. It is important that you provide an accurate estimate of the number and types of copies that your company will make each month. These factors will enable us to recommend the right copier and leasing terms. It also prevents penalties due to overutilization. If you need assistance leasing a copier in Chicago, give us a call.