Buy or Lease a New Copier?

Should I buy or lease a copier in Chicago?

The old copier has broken down beyond repair. The office needs to copy and print and being without is causing workflow blockage. What is a business owner to do? Should the owner put out the money to buy a new copier, or show he lease? Every business owner must ask this question at one point in his career.

Leasing a copier

Leasing a copier has many benefits. The business only pays a monthly fee; the initial cost of the copier is much lower. A service contract for the machine is often written in to the lease. The only responsibility that the business has is buying supplies like paper and toner. In many cases, that can even be included in a lease. There are many good lease options in a big city like Chicago.

Purchasing a copier

Don’t count out purchasing a copier just yet. When a business purchases a machine, it is owned fully by that business. There is no worry about copied assets leaking out when the machine leaves. There is also a pride in owning a machine, knowing that it belongs to the business. A copier doesn’t have to be purchased new; many Chicago businesses put their old machines up for sale.  You won’t be paying interest on a loan.

Whatever avenue your business decides to use, we can answer your questions. Call us for expert advice.