Copier Leasing

Reasons to lease a copier in Chicago

Many Chicago based companies will be buying or leasing a copier for the New Year. The question that you may have in regards to your own business, what advantages does leasing have over purchasing a copier? This is a common question that is often asked of copier sales representatives.

Leasing is a good choice when there isn’t many outstanding cash for a business. Purchasing a copier can be quite an investment, especially for a small business. Leasing requires a much smaller initial fee for full use of a copying machine.

Leasing companies often allow more flexibility when it comes to credit and installments. A leasing company doesn’t need your business to have perfect credit. If you find that your business needs a little help in that area, leasing a copier can build help repair the credit of your company.

Many leasing companies also provide rock solid service contracts. This will help keep the copier in top shape during the period of the agreement. These contracts will repair the machine when it is broken, bring in new ink and toner, and can also help keep other copier supplies stocked.

Purchasing a new copier may be out of reach for your Chicago based business, but leasing will help keep you in business.