HP Copier Sales

Modern HP copiers are indispensable multi-function devices that enhance your office productivity. These copy machines are reliable and relatively easy to operate. Models equipped with duplex automatic document feeders enable your staff to fax or copy single or 2-sided original documents in various sizes and colors. You can print on both sides, collate and staple all in one operation. Digital technology enables copiers to serve as printers and scanners.

The hard drive can store digitized copies of your documents and images. These machines produce higher quality copies than analog machines. Copiers with Ethernet connectivity can support wireless printing and email integration on your computer network. Your staff can use one device to print, scan and fax. Some models have multipurpose trays that can hold various types and sizes of paper as well as labels, transparencies or envelopes. The zoom feature enables you to adjust the size of your copies from 50 to 200 percent of the original in 1 percent increments.

HP copy machines are available in a wide range of models. Our team can help your company select a copier with the essential features that you need. Contact our Chicago area office for more information on copiers that fit within your budget and enhance your office productivity.