HP Copier Sales

HP MFD Advanced Technologies

Modern HP technology can help you manage printing and copying workloads. HP copiers have advanced features for billing, accounting, and tracking copying straight off the copier glass. HP MFD systems allows a company to use either its active directory, LDAP directory, Apple Directory, or Novell Directory to authenticate users and track usage. Users can authenticate using a pin number and faxes, scans, and files can be directly sent from to email accounts in the directory. For those looking for a copier in Chicago, HP MFD technology is an attractive system to managing copy systems. Using MFD technology a manager can track faxes and scanning (even if to email). The system can also provide the manager usage logs.

Have an employee that is making too many costly color copies? The HP MFD manager allows the manager to set limits on types of copy and activity. The HP MFD manager allows particular types of machine functionality to be expensed at different rates making internal billing easier. The HP MFD even allows a company to monitor and manage its environmental impact. If you are looking for a great copier in Chicago, take a look at HP.