Pay the Professional if Set-Up isn’t Included

A lot of times people think of paying somebody for setting up their new copier as an extra fee, because it is not included in the initial purchase cost of their new device, but this is because they think that “included” translates to “free” but this just isn’t the case. Having the set-up fee included is nice Banner-Copier-Galbecause then you don’t have to think about finding someone to set up your new machine, but this doesn’t mean it’s free.

If the set-up fee is not included in the cost of purchasing your new device then, from our experience, it is always better to find a professional to set it up for you. No one wants to have to pay another few hundred dollars after buying their new copier, but this is far better than having someone less capable install your new $7,000 machine and have it not function properly. People will often times think that their IT guy will be capable of setting up the new copier, but more often than not the IT guy is busy and doesn’t have enough experience setting up copiers to ensure that the job gets done properly. This is why we always recommend that you just have it done by a professional and avoid unnecessary complications with your new copier. 

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