Copier Cleaning Tips

For some reason a lot of businesses take for granted the ability of their copiers to operate a hight level without taking proper care of them. They seem to think that sporadic care that their technician gives Banner-Copier-Galthem will be enough to keep the copier functioning for a long time with limited amount of problems. In our experience, however, it has been shown that a copier will be a much better machine if it is taken care of on a day-to-day basis.

Taking care of a copier on a regular basis is not a particularly difficult task but it can be very essential to maintaining a great running copier. Simple things like turning the copier off when it will not be used for longer amounts of time and keeping it covered during those times will keep it dust free. Putting a cheesecloth over the air intake will also keep dust out of the inner workings of the machine. Also, just simply wiping the optic area will keep your prints looking fresh and keep grime and dirt off of your machine. Another trick is to keep a silica gel packet int he paper tray so that the level of moisture will not get to harmful levels in your machine.

Tricks like these will keep your ownership of a copier a much more satisfying one. Give us a call at (773) 897-5806 for your Chicago area copier needs.