The Xerox Story

Dry copying is a relatively new method because it has only existed for less than sixty years. Before there was such a thing as dry copying workers needed to copy by hand or use wet copying methods that are just a lot less8900 efficient.

Chester Carlson’s lifelong pursuit was to invent a dry copying machine and he is now recognized as the father of modern Xerography. Carlson was a patent lawyer in the 1920’s who was interested in printing because he was frustrated with having to hand copy everything. He read an article from a European publication that gave him some new ways of thinking about how he might be able to make the copying process easier. After years and years of trial and error, (one of which almost caused his kitchen to be set on fire), he succeeded in making his first dry copy in 1938.

Carlson needed to a company that would believe in his product and he found that company in Haloid. They agreed to put engineers on Carlson’s project. After ten years Carlson and his team were able to produce the first Xerox machine. Haloid then went on to change their name to “Xerox” and they never looked back. Xerox has set the standard in copier machines for years and has changed the way every office in America functions.

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