Insurance for Copier Leases

When leasing a copier it is important that you avoid insuring that lease two times. This wouldn’t seem like a concern for people are new to the copier-buying process, but you might be surprised. We have seen several 4730_largesituations where people end up spending more money on insurance when their copier is already insured. 

A lot of times what happens is that people end up spending money on copier insurance when their business insurance already cover their copier. It is easy to avoid though. All you need to do is have your insurance agent list the lease company as the “loss payee” for the copier. They will usually just make this adjustment without any issue.

After you have done this just send the lease company the proof that the copier is now properly insured. This will help you avoid having to get unnecessary insurance for the copier.

If you need to get a new copier and want to have the buying process to go as smoothly as possible – without the unnecessary expenses that some copier companies will try to get you to pay for – please give us a call at (773) 897-5806 and we would love the opportunity to work with you.