Dry Copying

The possibility to dry copy has been a reality for a relatively short amount of time. It used to be that you would have to copy by hand or us some form of we copying – like photography methods. That is until Chester Carlson came 4730_largealong:

The inventor of Xerography developed the first form of dry copying as somewhat of a lifelong goal. He became interested in printing early on but became a patent lawyer in the 20’s. When he grew tired of having to hand copy everything he started looking for ways he could make the process a lot less time consuming. He read an article from and European publication that gave him some hints into how he might go about creating a dry copying method.

After years of trying and failing, which included one attempt that almost set his entire house ablaze, in 1938 he succeeded in creating his first dry copy using his new method. Then he had to find someone that would be interested in putting his invention into practice and that when he found Habloid who gave him a job as an engineer and as they say, “the rest is history.” Xerox was created and they have been making document management easier ever since.

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