Xerox Copiers – Mobile Printing – Yuck

Colorqube-8900So we were trying to get a new Xerox Colorqube copier to print with the Xerox Mobile print app and here is our basic thought, yuck!  So, the reason we didn’t like it was all of the print jobs had to be routed to a Cloud based email service such as Gmail and then that email would communicate to the copier and eventually print.  Some times this process would take minutes to get done.  We are excited Xerox is planning to work with Mopier, as this will improve the functionality tremendously.  We work hard to ensure our clients have the best copier for the money and when there is a flaw, we will point it out.  The good news with this specific issue is there appears to be a solid answer in the works so that it will be great in the next month or so.

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