How to Avoid a Copier Toner Phone Scam

Avoid Printing Supply Telemarketing Scams

It is amazing how powerful a printing supplies telemarketer can be with some Chicago companies. A simple call and a hard sell can cause companies to release printing and copying information to telemarketers who are actually Toner Pirates. With this information, they can do major damage.

The first goal of the Toner Pirate is to get information on a specific company’s printing and copying practices. The next phase of their scam is to make an additional call. This time, the telemarketer acts like a Chicago-based printing manufacturer who was specifically asked to send samples to your company. If the person who answers the phone falls for this scam, they will give the Toner Pirate the company credit card number to pay for shipping or some other small charge. The third stage of this plan is for the Toner Pirate to put in a legitimate order and charge your company an outrageous amount. They will say that the person who answered the phone and gave the credit card number authorized the purchase.

Make sure that your company has a policy of no-purchase power for any employees who are not in the IT or purchasing departments. This will ensure that no accidental orders can be made with Toner Pirates who are trying to scam your Chicago company.