The Danger of Buying Extra Copier Toner

Some Chicago companies carry their supplies with a heavy backup supply. While it might seem great to always have products available to customers, it could actually cost your company thousands of dollars yearly.

Many companies do not understand that copier and printer supplies have a shelf life. You may find some brands offer a one-year warranty, and if a product does not work within one year of purchase, you get your money back. Nevertheless, some manufacturers only offer a 90-day warranty. If it reaches past the 90 days and doesn’t work, you are out that money.

To stop cartridges from going bad, call a Chicago manufacturer to ask about the length of warranties on the copier and printer supplies. This saves money. You should never stock up on cartridges with warranties that will expire before putting them in the copier. The precautionary steps ensure your company saves money and maintains a healthy profit margin. Entrepreneurs unaware of the cartridges’ ability to go bad could be costing them thousands of dollars every year. Shrewd businessmen know not to take chances with their product supply. Checking with your Chicago manufacturer confirms the safety of your product supply.