Copier Buying Tips for Chicago

If you plan to buy a copier in Chicago soon, we have a tip for you.

Consider this before committing to a color copier. That gorgeous color copier tempting you.

Do you really needs that color option as your default? Color is beautiful, color is eye catching; and color costs you a lot more than black and white. So to keep your cost of consumables (our term for the four color cartridges that a color copier would need) DOWN, you need to face the fact that black and white works just as well for the majority of your printing needs.

So set your copiers on SAVE, not SPLURGE. It’s a simple adjustment to your computers and print servers. Set the default print setting to Black and White.

If someone grumbles that the Wizard of OZ would have been terrible in black and white, reply that Casablanca would have been terrible in color. We want our customers to keep a beautiful friendship with us.

If you need a color copier, we’re here to help. We have copier to make your Fall fashion spreads look their colorful best. And Accounting should stick to black and white.