Dealing With Copier Sales Calls in Chicago

When your Chicago office is hit with a sales pitch from a copier vendor passing through, make sure your employees know exactly how to respond. Too often, good intentions combined with a lack of wisdom cause unnecessary expenses via toner cartridges. How does this happen?

It’s simple: A sales rep comes in and conveniently explains that the toner your Chicago business needs is out of stock everywhere, except for what they happen to have right then. That’s an unlikely event, because even for high-demand items, somebody somewhere has it on hand or knows another supplier who does.

The person who usually doesn’t understand this is an employee who isn’t the designated supplies purchaser, but they have access to a business credit card. They believe they’re saving the company from facing a problem, when in reality they’re costing the office more money.

To avoid this scenario, make sure your copier supplies are carefully controlled by a designated department. This prevents “mistakes” from occurring, because all of your copier needs are taken care of by your trusted Chicago vendor, and no one can sneak an unfair sale on a well-meaning employee.