Chicago Xerox – Black & White Versus Color and MFP Versus Copier Part 2

Black & White Versus Color or Both?

Unless you need marketing collateral, images in full color, photographs, or presentations, you do not need a color copier. You can save yourself some money by simply buying a copier that uses black toner/ink only. Consider the budget of your company, and determine the primary use for your copier while you compare and contrast between the different makes and models of your Chicago Xerox. If you plan on using the scan feature often, it might make sense to get a Xerox with color options.

MFP Versus Copier Only

A MFP that has print, scan, and fax capabilities may most likely have additional features. An investment into a MFP device is justified if multiple departments will be using and sharing the device on a regular basis. For instance, your marketing teams may need to use print, scan, and fax on tight deadlines, but your accounting and financing sectors need to use the copier and scanner often. Your sales team needs to use the printer and fax regularly. If you can only purchase one device, then it makes sense to purchase or lease an MFP device where you need to address the needs of your diverse workforce.