Chicago Xerox – Hard Drive and Security Part 3

Hard Drive Capacity

Depending on the size of your document needs and corporation, you might benefit from a business copier hard drive. Some copiers and MFPs have hard drives that will let you store copies of your documents, transfer files electronically, or even line up copy jobs via a virtual panel. If your business will be needing template style documents such as checklists and forms on a regular basis, it might benefit from a device with a hard drive. Ask your representative questions about the hard drive, and its capabilities to accommodate large-scale print/copy jobs. Your representative will help you understand the nuances of the hard drives as you compare and contrast the differences.

Security and Wireless Capabilities

Most modern and contemporary devices have Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows all the computers and nodes to print remotely. If Wi-Fi is something that your organization needs, you will need the help of a network administrator to set up the security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the device and its network. Wi-Fi can increases productivity through streamlining business processes. Consider creating different accounts for the different users if you are going to invest in a copier with wireless capabilities.