3D Printing the New Copier Future?

Carbon3D Promises New 3D Printing Method?

In recent news, Carbon3D, collaborating with HP, claims they can bring a new method to 3D printing that will print up to 100 times faster than the current standard in printing technologies. Unveiling their plans at a TED conference, Carbon3D has a venture funding of $40 million, which is noteworthy in itself. Carbon3D has chosen to highlight the problems in HP’s 3D printing strategy. For example, will a renowned brand known for dominating one market be slow in entering the soon-to-be huge 3D printing market? They will be a small fish in the pond considering the field already has established players: 3D Systems and Stratasys being the two larger names.

HP promises innovative advances, but seeing another technology emerge will not be a stretch. Carbon3D aims to print using a pool, rather than doing layer by layer for more feasible manufacturing. Carbon3D’s approach carries noticeable similarities to the effects of Terminator 2. 3D printing today is mostly an enterprise affair, but Carbon3D has promised a broad spectrum of products that meet the highest standard.