Security for Your Copier

Before you purchase a copier, you should understand that the FTC will have established standards concerning the security of information. Businesses must comply with these standards reasonably based on the size and nature of their business. You must look at the type of information involved, and the risk it faces. For example, if you have confidential employee and consumer data, you may have to follow the Disposal Rule when you decide to dispose of your copier. This includes the data contained on the hard drive.

If you can remove the hard drive, you can do this yourself provided you have not signed a lease. In this scenario, you can retain the drive or dispose of it. However, you may have other situations where you cannot remove the drive because of the firmware that has been installed in the copier, and it will make your copier inoperable. To learn more about your specific hard drive, consult with your manufacturer or a Chicago copier dealer. We can help you to consider your options for securing data that has been placed on an imbedded hard drive. In some cases, we can reformat the hard drive to erase the confidential data that can be found on your copier. However, it depends on the type of copier that you bought.