Common Issues Regarding Copier Leases

Over the years, we have encountered many distraught customers who experienced issues with a copier lease. What were some of the issues? First, response time should always be as they say. If a copier company claims that they will be there within four to six hours, they should be there. A lot of customers experience increasing delays over time that have sometimes taken up to eight hours before an agent arrived. After that, one customer said the technician told them, “I have ordered the parts. Be back in a few days.”

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If you own a business, you probably cannot afford to wait a few days for your parts to arrive. Always check the guarantee in your lease to see if the guaranteed response time will be backed up with a refund. If not, the statement means nothing. Another common issue is massive overage charges. We have seen many customers who might lease a simple monochrome copiers that included 18,000 copies per year. Nevertheless, because of location, they used more, and they wound up paying twice as much as for copies on a larger machine. The bottom line is you have to know what you are getting yourself into.