Mobile Printing: How It Can Help

Unlike the generations of the past, the Millennial generation expects everything to connect on a mobile level. While some view this generation as lazy or spoiled, others realize that this is simply modernization. You have to adapt if you want to succeed. Businesses in every size have adopted the Cloud to enable their employees to have greater connection.ethernet-cable

Because workers have access to the Cloud on a mobile, they will be able to share documents across devices, and they will not need to be in a traditional office environment. That means increased productivity. In fact, the BYOD movement has become so popular that Gartner estimates that more than half of all companies will want employees to bring their own device to work by 2017. Every major manufacturer: Lanier, Samsung and Xerox all offer mobile printing. In addition, you can integrate your mobile files with hosts like Google Drive, Dropbox and Sky Drive. Whether you need it for documents or file sharing, mobile devices will connect directly to the network of the printing device. As the popularity of mobile printing rises, we have seen an increase in Millennials overtaking the workforce from the previous Baby Boomers.