Guide to Choosing a Digital Copier

Need a new digital copier for your business? Before you make that decision, look at the full scope when making a choice. For example, examine copy, print, fax, email and download capabilities. When you choose an all-in-one multi-function device, you increase your savings because you have everything in one place. In some cases, even the older models or leasing will cost less than outsourcing your copying to managed print services. During recent studies, they found that the total savings of more than $9,200 came when comparing ownership to outsourcing. You have to look at the big picture when choosing a copier.

Before choosing a copier, examine the graphic capabilities. You want a higher resolution if possible. For example, 2,400 x 2,400 dpi is a pretty standard offer. Look for color management through what is known as five-color control because this saves money on color copies.

Next, look at the extra features that you want to add because this will cut down on costs in your organization. You do not want to purchase a whole bunch of features that you will never use because this will cost your company more than what it is worth. Interested in learning more? For more information, contact our company in Chicago. We can help to educate customers on the best copier for their business.