What type of copier?

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Nowadays, there are so many choices in the copier business. What type of copier is best?  This is an important question asked by many business owners and our Chicago copier dealer professionals are here to help you navigate through this big investment in your company.

By the time most business owners decide to purchase a copier, they have already most likely been renting or leasing a copier for a few years.  This is a great place to start, as you have a good idea about what your usage rates are like and what features you need or don’t need in the copier that you will ultimately buy.

Another thing you should ask yourself when deciding what type of copier you should buy is your overall budget and what you intend to spend on the machine, toner and maintenance costs. There is no sense overbuying a huge copier when a smaller one will do the job. Our focus is on helping you to make the best investment while making sure that you don’t overspend and end up with a machine that you won’t get the best use out of.

Do you need a machine that has multiple uses? If you fax, scan, copy and print with several machines on a regular basis, it may be worth looking at one of our multifunction printers which are designed to have all of these functions at an affordable price!

Our big advice is “always look before you leap”. A copier is a big investment for most entrepreneurs. Make sure you know what you need, how much you can spend and make sure to call us to help you out with this big decision.