Fair copier lease

A green button with the words Save Money on itFor the most part, copier leasing companies don’t have a very good reputation in the world of business. So often, the leasing companies obscure and make things so complicated that the business owner ends up signing a lease that may not be in their best interest due to their confusion with the whole process. There are a few things you can ask your copier leasing rep to make sure that you get into a fair copier lease.

One of the number one things you can do is call one of our Chicago area copier leasing representatives. We are not in the business of creating convoluted leasing terms. We spend our time and effort working hard to create happy customers who are educated about their fair copier lease. 

You will want to ask your copier leasing representative if the service contract is part of the lease or if you will receive a separate bill from the service provider. You will definitely need to have a service contract at some level, but it’s good of you to know what your expected expenses will be ahead of time.

Our Chicago area leasing representatives know their business inside out and can help you to navigate this big decision for your business. Give us a call for a fair copier lease.