Buying a copier

Happy-BossIs you business at the end of your copier lease? Have you ever considered the option of buying a copier rather than continuing with your lease when it ends? There are pros and cons to buying a copier and our Chicago area representatives are standing by to talk with you about all of your options.

Of course, leasing a copier gives you some benefits that buying a copier can’t. When you are leasing a copier from a reputable copier leasing company, you usually have a set monthly payment that includes some sort of service contract. Having a set payment and reliable service on your copier can be a great relief to many business owners who don’t necessarily have the time to worry about malfunctioning copiers. The other benefit to leasing is that you usually get the option to upgrade your copier after a set period of time, preventing you from having an obsolete copier in a few years.

On the other hand, buying a copier can be a great investment of your business. Besides the tax benefits, you will likely spend less in the long run when you buy your own copier. With the help of your local, Chicago area sales representative, you will own a copier that will fulfill the needs of your business for years to come.