Why You Should Secure your Copier

The possibility of having your system breached continues to grow every day. As hackers try harder to crack cyber security, it is our job as business owners to protect those who use our services. The past years have seen a growing concern as a number of companies have lost personal information through security breaches. Many business owners are concerned about increasing network security, but that’s not always enough.

Increasing network security seems to be the main focus of most people who want to protect their information. Unfortunately, that’s not always enough. What most people don’t think about is the potential for someone to get into your office supplies, like your copier.

Office copiers today have a powerful hard drive inside that store a number of pieces of information. These hard drives are necessary to perform the functions that make today’s copiers so powerful. They also store a saved image of everything that passes through your copier.

This means that any document that has ever been copied or printed on your machine can be accessed if someone was to compromise the security of your copier. This is why you should secure your copier. Not many people think about it, but someone could take a lot of information just by accessing your copier’s hard drive.

Having a security breach in today’s world is not an unheard of event. This is why we should be doing everything we can to protect, not only our information, but the information of those we work for. Luckily, companies like Xerox offer optional security kits to help you stay ahead of a possible cyber-attack.

Call Copier Chicago today to learn more about security kits. We want to make sure you are being safe and we can help you get the best and safest copier for your business.