Judging your Copier Contract

There is a lot to look at when thinking about your copier lease. The first thing to understand is that your copier lease is really a contact. It is full of rules and regulations and deals that you are agreeing on. You need to be able to judge this copier contact to make sure that you are getting a good deal, not just helping the sales representative make more money. Luckily, Copier Chicago is here to help you learn how to judge a copier contract.

There are three areas you need to consider when looking at your contact. These are cost, time, and efficiency. You need to evaluate each of these areas in order to make sure you are getting what you need.

  1. What are the true costs? Figure out what you are paying in total. You can’t just find out what your lease payment is. You need to understand every fee you may pay and every charge that may occur down the road. Getting a good lease rate means nothing if you get hundreds of dollars in charges down the road.
  2. Demand improved efficiency. You are getting this office machine to help make your life easier, so you need to make sure that’s what you are actually getting. Don’t pay for something that doesn’t help you very much. If you are going to be spending money every month for a new machine then it should be helping you succeed.
  3. Understand time restraints. How long will it take you to get help from your leasing company? Do you have 24 hour help or only during the business day? How long will it take for someone to come out to get a repair done if something goes wrong?

These three areas are crucial to evaluate when considering your copier contract. If you are satisfied in these areas, and fully understand them, then you will probably like your contact. You have to be the final decision when signing you lease so make sure you are making a smart choice.