Copier Lease Lengths

Signing a lease is agreeing to a variety of different aspects of your copier lease. It’s not just about what copier you are getting, but also how long you are with that copier. Different copier lease lengths affect you differently depending on what your business is. Most copier leasing companies offer a variety of lease length solutions, and that is no different at Copier Chicago. 

There are basically three different ways to look at copier leases: long-term, short-term, and rental.

Rentals are obviously the shortest period of time and are generally only rented for a day or so. These are for small jobs that can be completed relatively quickly. You can often choose whatever machine you want to fit the job at hand.

Short-term leases are usually around 24-36 months in length. This is perfect for someone who wants to make sure they always have what their business needs. The shorter lease time means that you can upgrade more frequently and stay on the cutting edge. However, you will be paying more per month.

Long-term leases are the most common and usually go for about 60 months. This is the most common because the majority of people don’t find it necessary to upgrade their leases too often. This gives them a better monthly price on a machine that will still do great for their business.

Getting the right lease length for your business is crucial to getting a lease that you like. All parts of your lease need to fit your business needs. Give us a call at Copier Chicago to learn more about copier lease lengths and how to get a great copier lease.